Which is the Best Digital Piano at 2018?

It is always important to know the details before choosing the right digital piano for you. This allows you to take into account all the pros and cons of each type of piano that you need to choose, and you can make decisions based on facts, not opinions. However, before making a decision, you probably will not be able to play each piano.

Other players can help you make digital piano reviews based on their knowledge and experience. For your convenience, we have created a list of 32 piano reviews that will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to make a decision.

Digital piano Casio PX750

Casio PX 750 Casio PX750 is a digital grand piano with a keyboard with three sensors with 88 notes and many outstanding functions.

The keyboard is equipped with 250 built-in tones with double and layers. In addition to the USB MIDI function, it has three pedals.

The exterior has its own stylish locker with a sliding lid and matching brackets. Experiments or recordings can be performed using alternative instrument sounds, such as strings, organs and basses.

The keyboard provides recording capabilities that can be used for training, practice and productivity.

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"Acoustic and intelligent resonators" Casio provide undeniable acoustic realism as a source of sound. The piano produced a very good polyphonic sound, which is very suitable for those who have a strong voice, which made a deep impression on us.

The effect of the PX750 for shock suppression and realistic ebony and elephant colors provide a comfortable game, which is excellent, because cheaper pianos usually do not have weight keys.

The keyboard also provides three levels of sensory sensitivity for a sound close to an acoustic piano.

On this piano there is no LCD screen, which is the only drawback of the size of this model, but in addition, it is a comprehensive choice for beginners and amateurs. [Click to continue ...]

Yamaha P155 Contemporary Piano

Yamaha P155B The modern piano Yamaha P155 has many functions that can be used at home or on stage, because it has many of the best features and aesthetic advantages.

For a realistic sound and piano, the instrument offers a gradient shock action and a 4-layer piano pattern.

Rich functions also include "critical" and stereo sound with adjustable damping resonance, and its polyphony of 128 notes provides a unique realism and sound quality.

Do not worry about your neighbors, because there is a headphone port that allows you to practice and play without disturbing others. This piano is also portable, so if you need to work easily, it would be great.

The digital piano has 17 separate and dual-mode sounds, as well as a metronome and a recorder with playback.

The disadvantage of the recording system is that it allows you to store only one piece of music at a time, but the song can be saved via USB and imported as a MIDI file. There are also LCD screens, but the advantages far exceed these small problems.

If you are looking for a professional piano without a professional price tag, the Yamaha P155 should mention all your boxes. [Click to continue ...]

Yamaha YDP 142 Digital Piano

Yamaha ydp 142 The Yamaha YDP 142 is a digital grand piano with a keyboard with 88-digit weight.

The piano is an improved version of the YDP-141, which has improved significantly. Its sound recording is based on the famous Yamaha piano from CFIIIS to provide several levels of sound dynamics.

Its clean CF sound engine delivers very precise notes and high-quality sound, even for beginners. For its price, this piano is full of high-quality features and is a very impressive tool.

His weighted action is modeled on the hammer of an acoustic piano, providing a heavier touch to the bass and an easier touch at high frequencies.

Sensory sensitivity can be used in three ways to match the game's style. The damper pedal provides a continuous or semi-dried response for enhanced control.

Sounds good, does not it? It really deserves a better look at this magical piano. YDP 142 has two finishes: a black walnut and a deep mahogany section, both of which are very similar to the pieces.

YDP 142 also has a built-in sound for various instruments, including instruments, harpsichords and vibrophones.

It has a built-in 128-tones polyphony, which allows advanced players to try out notes and play more complex songs. [Click to continue ...]